Jose Garriga Jr

Hi, I’m Jose Garriga Jr, Top CTFO Distributor…

Jose Garriga Jr - Top CTFO CBD Distributor

This video is my CTFO business testimonial. It was filmed just nine months into referring people to CTFO, way *before* reaching my 1000 referral goal. Remember, we get paid along the way!

People are hungry for a free, no cost obligation, never-expiring, home business opportunity!

In this tough economy, as well as with the proliferation of the Internet which makes sharing what you like easily, you never know at what point your network will “go viral” and continue to grow regardless of your personal involvement. That is why I am a firm believer that everyone should be active with a network marketing company at all times.

Hemp CBD Oil, No-Cost, and Proven Track Record, Make the CTFO CBD MLM Business Opportunity a Powerhouse Residual Income Generator

Being an experienced network marketer, I can help you get going toward building a profit in your home based business. I am not going to blow smoke at you… Building a home business is not easy. It is simple, yet not easy by any means. It will take work. It will take commitment. As long as you are coachable, teachable, flexible and patient, I will stand by your side every step of the way when you join CTFO on my team. Hey, why not… it’s free!

I am here to guide you to reaching the goal of 1000 referrals and financial freedom too. Call me anytime day or night!


Jose Garriga Jr

Tel: 202-277-1299

Independent CTFO CBD Business Distributor

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Jose Garriga Jr

Ever wonder why when you go on a diet to get in shape again, why cravings can be so intense? The master you are letting be in control isn’t looking out for your best interests health-wise!

Jose Garriga Jr

My CTFO products testimonial.

Jose Garriga Jr

This was my very beginning point of getting in shape. In fact, this very simple portion-based, four meals a day, every four hours plan, is what I followed to get to 10% bodyfat (measured using electrical bioimpedance). Since then, after staying on track with small meals, I naturally gravitated toward more nutrient-dense foods for the sake of cellular efficiency, and I’ve been vegetarian now for a year.

Jose Garriga Jr

Like with referring people to your CTFO business, consistency in improving your health and fitness, can lead you to a personal best that you’ve never really imagined. I prepared for this event to show what is possible for you too, not the contest part, the fitness, health, and vitality part. It was a powerful, learning experience that ticked me up several notches on the personal wellness mastery scale.





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